Wednesday, December 8, 2010

First Full Day...

We arrived last night in the pitch dark.  We were greeted by Gigliola, who helps cook and clean, and Leo who is the brother of the owner of this house.  Gigliola speaks no english, but she showed us all around and we picked up a little bit of what she was saying.  Leo is visiting from Long Island and speaks english with a wonderful New York accent.  He promised us that when we woke up we would see a "Million Dollar View".  He was not joking.  Today we spent time exploring, meeting the three dogs, and then Leo and his wife Maria invited us over to their apartment for fresh Gnocchi (made by Gigliola!) Everything is wonderful and we are excited to just chill out for a few days before we begin branching out.


  1. Sounds lovely... And, the view IS great! ♥

  2. ok, so sounding good!!
    time for some serious coffee, wine meant to go with food and memorable pasta.
    Read the bible, but don't leave the house without Rick Steves.