Thursday, December 9, 2010

Day of the Dog

Today was a day full of doggie antics and it's only 3:30 in the afternoon!

There are three dogs at this house.  One the designated "principessa di la casa" or princess of the house.  Blackie is a very cuddly lap dog. She is the only dog that gets to be inside the house.  In fact she is not supposed to be outside without a leash.  She loves, however to dart out the door and then run away from you!  This is what happened this morning.  I thought someone was at the door and when I opened it up - there went Blackie.  She is just like a toddler!  Everytime she got within eyesight of me she would turn and run the other direction.  SO frustrating! At least an hour after her escape and with me walking all over trying to call her back, I finally gave up and came inside.  Guess who was back in the house minutes later? Blackie.

After we had finally gotten Blackie back in the house we wanted to walk into town to go to the bank and the grocery store before everything closed.  Stores close between 1 and 4 so everyone can go home and have a big mid-day meal.  We had been assured that the outside dog named Leah who is "vecchia vecchia" or "old, old" would only follow us a short way towards town and then turn around.  No such luck for us.  Leah followed us all the way to the bank and then tried to follow us inside the grocery store!  She was randomly crossing the street and stopping traffic... I was a wreck!

So today we have spent lots of time with the dogs.  One who won't come, and one who won't go. It will not surprise any of my close friends to hear me say that this is why I love OTHER people's dogs!!  

"Bad Girl" Blackie
"Old Lady" Leah


  1. :-)
    In time, they will get used to you and you will all work well together. From their perspective you're the "substitute teacher" and don't know all the rules. So, they think they can get away with stuff.
    You'll show them! One of the best ways to get a dog to do what you want is to give 'em treats. Always have a few handy. But make 'em do what you want before they get the treat. Soon they will be in the palm of your hand.
    Wishing you luck! Bet you'll want a dog when you come home. ;-)

  2. And, by the way, GoFightWin! <3

  3. hilarious! :)you painted a great picture of your day! shelley

  4. Reminds me of the stories my in-laws told of trying to get your cat back in the house when they stayed in your house! Enjoy!

  5. loved your description of Blackie!

  6. Dogs! Can't live with 'em, can't live without 'em. Don't you wish you had Redfurred with you? (He woke me up at 5:00 a.m. this morning -- on a Saturday!)