Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Market Day

Today we drove back up the hill to Veroli.  Every Tuesday there is an open air market where people sell everything from socks and underwear to kitchen gadgets to food... it's a little like an outdoor Fred Meyer!  At first I was a bit disappointed because there really weren't that many stands, but wouldn't you know we were in the wrong area!  We learn something new every time we venture out.  The market really was rather large and we walked the whole thing.  I found a small decorated Christmas tree at a flower stand and convinced Doug that it would be a great idea to bring it home!  It's our one small not to Christmas decorations!  

When we got home the sun was shining and we decided to sit out on the terrace and have our lunch.  The sun didn't last for long but it helped us to thaw out a little bit.  And the antipasta was delish!

While we were in Veroli today I noticed a sign for a Christmas Concert this evening... not sure exactly what we'll be in for, but I really want to go to some local events - so off we go again tonight.  Later this week I think we're heading back to Rome (as long as there is no snow in the forcast!!) to see a really large display of Nativity scenes.  I'll keep you posted!  

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