Friday, December 10, 2010


The house we are staying in is very modern.  It has radiant heat that is activated by the fireplace, solar panels etc.  However we have been experiencing some issues with the water since we got here.  Our first night after we got settled in we went to brush our teeth and there was no water - not even a drip.  So we used our water bottles instead and fell into bed.  The next morning the water pressure was perfect.  Hmmm. We figured it must have been a fluke - but no such luck.  We lost all water on both Wednesday night and Thursday night sometime after 8PM.

The most popular explanation was that the tank was not full, so as we used water during the day it got too low.  Then the tank would fill up during the night and we would have water again in the morning.  That didn't sound right to us because it was too sudden and at about the same time each night.

Today the mystery was solved (we hope).  It turns out that the city stops supplying water at night.  The tank system is in place so that the water to the house doesn't stop, but somehow a switch had gotten bumped and the tank system got turned off.  It's funny how we get so used to having things like water anytime we want.  Here's hoping for water out of the tap tonight!

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