Monday, November 22, 2010

Maybe too Optimistic?

Two weeks from today... I'm definitely counting.

So... a very kind friend of mine offered to share suitcases with Zoe and me that convert into backpacks.  This is a very appealing idea since we will be traveling a great deal within Italy and between cobbled roads and crowded trains a big suitcase is a dumb idea.  I'm very grateful for these handy bags.  However, right now it is 25 degrees outside and tonight the low is going to be about 16!  I'm all bundled up, and although I know it probably won't be quite this cold in Italy, it will be cold.  What makes me think I can get my bulky winter clothes in a carry on sized bag for a three month stay??  What am I thinking??

Doug's mantra these days is "pack light... pack light... pack light"  I know that!!  It just doesn't come naturally to me!  I'm giving it try however.  And, luckily we are bringing our giant rolling duffle bag to accommodate all our boots and other bulky items.  I am optimistic - not crazy!


  1. Woo hoo! I look forward to sharing your adventures via this blog. Suzy and I homeschooled the year she was 13 through Hickman Charter School in Berkeley. Now if only we had been in Italy. . . ! :-).

  2. How fun that you'll have this way to let us all know what and how you're doing while you're away. We're sure going to miss the Bunnells!

  3. Have a safe and happy trip! Lookin' forward to keeping in touch w/you through the blog and fb.
    Love you, friend!