Monday, January 10, 2011

Similarities and Differences...

We have now been in Italy for over a month.  I can hardly believe it!  As we have maneuvered our way around I have noticed a few things that are strikingly different (and a few similarities as well) from the good old USA... Here are a few of the things that I can think of...    
  1. Similarity:  parking tickets are given out (sadly for the family that preceded us here!)
  2. Difference:   the police are not required to put the ticket on your car... you just get a surprise visit from the postman with a registered letter!  Yikes!
  3. Difference:  the tickets are paid at the Post Office
  4. Similarity:  the Post Office is a nightmare! 
  5. Difference:  There is absolutely no line at the Post Office... people just crowd around.  My personal space bubble definitely popped!
  6. Difference:  The Italians have the same kind of commitment to using an umbrella as those of us in the NW have to not using and umbrella
  7. Similarity:  When it rains people get bundled up...  but
  8. Difference:  It seems that a coat in Italy has to be puffy and black or fur... no fleece in sight
  9. Difference:  Stores really do shut down for three hours every afternoon for people to go home eat a big meal and rest. At least in our little village - not so much in the bigger cities
  10. Difference:  When you order a slice of pizza you get a rectangular strip of pizza folded in half
  11. Difference:  Smokers... YUCK!
  12. Similarity:  My husband is great from the pulpit in any language!!
Sunday... Preaching at the Baptist Church in Gilio Di Veroli


  1. enjoying your blog sooo much! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Love the blog...especially the similarities and differences. Made me chuckle! So cool your family is having this experience! Thanks sooo much for sharing!

  3. I especially love the last similarity. Go, Doug!